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About Us


The Food

Food does not have to be pretentious to be good. There is honor in providing people good food made with love, and in that simplicity lies the true art of cooking.

Eat real food! Your food is only as good as where the ingredients come from. I only use products from trusted sources and strive to shop locally and organically whenever possible.



The Company

As a small locally owned business I pride myself in supporting other local businesses. I like to keep my money right here in the Flathead by using local vendors and suppliers. It helps keep our community unique and vibrant and provides you with the freshest possible ingredients.  


The Chef

My passion for cooking was born from a love for travel and eagerness to have as many new experiences as possible. My cooking skills continue to develop as I am exposed to different cultures. I have learned the subtle nuance of cuisine is far more complex than I could ever have imagined and offers the perfect medium to express myself artistically.